Creating a True Feng Shui Bedroom

Striking interest among many people is feng shui as it is a natural way to add the energy and the strength to their lives. On the other side, some people are looking for peace and a calm environment. Either way, you can easily participate in this ancient art, as there are actually some very simple steps to take in making your own special feng shui bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #1 Most importantly, decide which atmosphere you are looking for, and do this before making any changes in the bedroom. Do you want your room to be a warm environment for you at night or would you prefer a sense of sexual adventure

Obviously, these two moods are different from one another and it is critical that you initially determine the feng shui mood in which you desire. Creating a mood is crucial, as you would not want to tone down an already boring room just as you would not want to prolong the excitement if your primary goal is to improve your sleeping environment.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #2 Whether you want action or peace in your feng shui bedroom, remember to remove any unnecessary items, as the room should be entirely clutter-free. Your bedroom should not be used as a gym, laundry room, or workspace. The clutter will only prevent you from achieving your oasis and will not allow for relaxation or energy.

If you want proof of this, check out pictures of rooms in decorating magazines. How many of them have a lot of unnecessary clutter Obviously, you won’t find clutter in any of these photos.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #3 Color choices are essential in creating a feng shui bedroom. If you are looking for energy, choose very bold, bright colors and if you expect that your bedroom be a heavenly oasis of peace and calm, then dark, warm colors will give you this.

If you desire an energetic room, then your colors would be bright purples or reds. Dark greens and browns are excellent in creating calm environments, as they are peaceful colors. Whichever way you decide to go, remember not to go overboard or to make it too overwhelming. If a room has an overwhelming color it can drain or depress you.

Do you want a feng shui bedroom that is a resting place after a long day of work, or do you favour a room that kicks up the energy and spice quotient These three tips should help you in accomplishing either feng shui bedroom mood in which you want.


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