Crime Prevention Taken Seriously in Minneapolis

Although most major statistics show that the crime rate has been steadily falling across the nation since the 1990’s, it can still be a huge problem to contend with in some of the bigger cities across the nation. Like anything, more people tends to breed more problems. While law enforcement agencies and government officials are working diligently to fight crime in their areas, it is a never- ending battle but one that must be waged every day or else anarchy and social unrest ensue.

Minneapolis, located in Minnesota, has a population a little under 400,000. Even so, the emergency services receive more than one thousand distress calls every day. And the police, the fire and EMT departments of the emergency services try to process most of them.

However, it is not possible to immediately respond to all calls due to budget constraints and the sheer reality of the situation. They give first priority to the calls involving life threatening problems. Then they prioritize the less severe calls for assistance and process them in the most logical manner to provide the best possible service.

It takes about an hour to assess the nature of the call and dispatch a cop during the busiest of times. Each incoming call is assessed and put into low priority only if (i) there is no immediate threat to life, (ii) the caller has no injuries, (iii) the caller is not a victim of ongoing criminal action, and (iv) the offender is not an immediate threat and is not expected to return.

This prioritization of incoming calls is part of the new initiative by Minneapolis to more effectively handle crime. Rather than spread their force thin responding to low priority calls, the police ration resources so that they are always capable of handling ongoing crimes effectively. It is all part of the new CODEFOR plan.

CODEFOR stands for Computer Optimized Deployment—Focus on Results. All sections of the police force are involved in this new crime reduction initiative and it involves four basic ideas 1. accurate and timely intelligence on crime that is occurring 2. rapid deployment of personnel and resources in appropriate circumstances 3. effective tactics and 4. relentless follow-up and assessment.

In another Minneapolis initiative, a voluntary program called “Watch Your Car”, the participating citizens give a declaration to the police that their car is normally not used between 1 am and 5 am and therefore give the police permission to pull their car over if and when seen on the roads during this period.

Participants are given reflective stickers that can be seen by police late at night and if they spot any vehicles with the stickers during the 1-5 a.m. window, they have the right to pull it over despite the fact that no crime has yet been witnessed. It is a radical program but it is having great results and citizens seem pleased with the plan so far.

Although no crime fighting initiative will ever be 100% effective, the Minneapolis police department is certainly trying its best to make the community as safe as possible for its citizens. People considering relocating to Minneapolis will be glad to know that the community is committed to fighting crime and making the city a safe place to live and work.

Creating a True Feng Shui Bedroom

Striking interest among many people is feng shui as it is a natural way to add the energy and the strength to their lives. On the other side, some people are looking for peace and a calm environment. Either way, you can easily participate in this ancient art, as there are actually some very simple steps to take in making your own special feng shui bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #1 Most importantly, decide which atmosphere you are looking for, and do this before making any changes in the bedroom. Do you want your room to be a warm environment for you at night or would you prefer a sense of sexual adventure

Obviously, these two moods are different from one another and it is critical that you initially determine the feng shui mood in which you desire. Creating a mood is crucial, as you would not want to tone down an already boring room just as you would not want to prolong the excitement if your primary goal is to improve your sleeping environment.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #2 Whether you want action or peace in your feng shui bedroom, remember to remove any unnecessary items, as the room should be entirely clutter-free. Your bedroom should not be used as a gym, laundry room, or workspace. The clutter will only prevent you from achieving your oasis and will not allow for relaxation or energy.

If you want proof of this, check out pictures of rooms in decorating magazines. How many of them have a lot of unnecessary clutter Obviously, you won’t find clutter in any of these photos.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #3 Color choices are essential in creating a feng shui bedroom. If you are looking for energy, choose very bold, bright colors and if you expect that your bedroom be a heavenly oasis of peace and calm, then dark, warm colors will give you this.

If you desire an energetic room, then your colors would be bright purples or reds. Dark greens and browns are excellent in creating calm environments, as they are peaceful colors. Whichever way you decide to go, remember not to go overboard or to make it too overwhelming. If a room has an overwhelming color it can drain or depress you.

Do you want a feng shui bedroom that is a resting place after a long day of work, or do you favour a room that kicks up the energy and spice quotient These three tips should help you in accomplishing either feng shui bedroom mood in which you want.

Buying Real Estate Is A Big Decision

Before you start reading, you should know that our main purpose is to give you as much useful information about buying real estate, as we can fit on our page I have reached one of those times in my live where I am reflecting on what impact I have made on the world around me and how many of my personal goals I have achieved. This year I will turn fifty years old, a definite mile marker in my life. I have decided that it is time to take a long look at what I still want to accomplish. One of the areas I am most proud of is how I have parented my children. My husband and I were blessed with two sons and a daughter. Each of them has had many accomplishments and is successful in the career paths that they have chosen. My daughter and her husband have started their own home based business. This business involves buying real estate and selling it in a quick turn around for a profit. My daughter has a degree in computer programming. She worked very successfully for a major computer company. This job involved a great deal of travel to help set up companies with computer systems and to trouble shoot problems that they had with the systems. She enjoyed the work and travel a great deal; however it was not the type of job that is conducive to raising a family. When she learned that she was pregnant with her first child she decided that she needed to research career options that allowed her to be at home. The computer company she was with had some options that she could do through telecommuting; however she thought she would like to try something new. She is good at work with computers, but she wanted a new challenge and also wanted to stay at home with her child.

From here on out, we will give you tips on what can make this subject a little more helpful to you. She began looking into home based businesses that can create income and would require only part-time work. Out of the many possibilities the business she decided to pursue was buying real estate. She went through training on-line and began her new business by buying a small apartment building in the western part of the untied states. She then listed the property and sold it for a profit within three weeks. She was very excited about her success and immediately bought another property. She has been buying real estate and selling it for a profit for three years. She has been so successful at doing this that her husband has quit his job and is working the business with her. They put in about twenty hours a week and are making a six figure income. She loves the work, but is more thrilled with the fact that she is home full time. She is now about to give birth to their second child. She has been a full time mom to her first born and is excited that her husband will be able to be a full time dad to both of the children. Buying real estate is not the home based business for everyone, but it has been very successful for them. She insists that I should look into getting involved with it also. It may be fun to start a new career as a reach the half century mark of my life. When you thoroughly study every paragraph that we have discussed about buying real estate, you will see a common thread of which to explore.